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Fran Pérez
Posted Aug 26 - Read on Facebook

A lot of people usually ask how to avoid firing a Click event when dragging a ScrollComponent. This is probably one of the simplest way to do it :)


Stephen Crowley

Yeah, less cumbersome than this:

Balraj Chana

You can also use .isMoving in place of .isDragging :)

Jordan Robert Dobson


Fran Pérez

Balraj, very true :)

I still prefer .isDragging though, I like to be able to click when is on momentum or bouncing too.

Rich Zarick

I just want to say I've been tearing hair out over this for a few days, and this is magical. Thank you kind sir.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Rich Zarick - I make a point to scan through the docs every few days... I always find something new. Dig through framer on git hub too. You'll find lots of nice littler helpers Koen and team use. Like Utils.devicePixelRatio()

Koen Bok

Yeah and if you find something we can improve, please let us know!

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