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Joshua Tucker
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Speech to text is a fun API. I tackled it a bit this weekend and put together a module to use SpeechSynthesis in Framer projects. YOLO?

Check out "AfricanAnimals.framer" example on GitHub to see it in action – and learn more about African animals while you're at it!


Next fun dinky project: SpeechRecognition (only supported in Chrome's webkit, but still rad, right?)



Ryan Gonzalez

I've done some work with the SpeechRecognition APIs—super fun to build with.

Joshua Tucker

Ooh - I'd love to chat!

Jorn van Dijk


Josh Ackerman

Joshua Tucker, do you plan on doing any work with speech recognition in FramerJS? It would be really cool to have a module for that.

Joshua Tucker

Josh Ackerman Absolutely. Definitely on my radar. In fact I initially started on that but Chrome is the only browser that supports it right now. So I will need to test out of Studio.

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