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Brett Johnson
Posted Aug 22 - Read on Facebook

I'm having some trouble with some pretty bad scrolling lag on my prototype. Besides taking out content or shortening the PSD, any tips on how to make the scrolling smoother? I'm wrapping the content in a ScrollComponent and the PSD is around 15MB in total. Even when reducing the height of the PSD (~8MB PSD) there's some lag. Viewing in Framer Studio as well as on Frameless iPhone app.

Thanks in advance!


Justin Mariano

Asset out your PSD and rebuild it natively in framer. Use css for shapes/bg colors and utilize svg's for as many elements as you can. It may take a while, but you'll have a well performing proto and more opportunities for advanced interaction as well - you can then easily reference elements for animation. Even 8MB can be taxing on a mobile device.

Brett Johnson

Thanks for the reply Justin. A bit sad to hear there's no magic bullet to speed things up, but I'll try out what you recommended.

Justin Mariano

Unfortunately there's no quick way around dealing with a large file. You can also try saving out all the static elements in one optimized PNG, setting that as the background, then build interactions over top. That may save some time.

Koen Bok

Yes, what Justin says. Laggy scrolling can have a ton of reasons, I'd start by trying 1) to convert photos into jpg and use those 2) optimize your png's with optiping.

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