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Hugo van Heuven
Posted Aug 21 - Read on Facebook

I've been having some trouble with large framer projects (800+ lines of code).. It seems like the code completion, or how Framer Studio searches for code suggestions is really slowing down typing. Also, the code checking becomes really slow at some point, sometimes I need to add and remove a line-break to let the check run over the code again to remove errors. I could move to an external text-editor, but I like the advantages Framer Studio gives me, like the syntax coloring and the code checking.

Also, a couple of suggestions:
- can Command+Shift+G be search previous instead of Goto line?
- when the webview is focussed, can you capture Command+F and some other keystrokes anyway, it's annoying to have to click the editor again to get coding again.
- Any way to make modules better? I'd like to have my classes in a separate file, but I have to write functions to return classes, and that's quite annoying.
- Could Framer Studio have a file-browser, so you can edit your modules within Framer Studio?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I really like being able to toggle back focus to the editor.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Show me what you're doing with classes. I can definitely help you there.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I would love something to have a "show this project" in finder. Cc/ Koen Bok

Koen Bok

We're looking to improve all these things. Our next big update will make working with large prototypes a lot better.

For the file browser, we're thinking about other ways to solve the issue of organizing code.

We'll look at the shortcuts asap. cc Jonas

Hugo van Heuven

awww yiissss!

Jorn van Dijk

Right click a prototype in the welcome window → show in finder. Jordan Robert Dobson

Jordan Robert Dobson

YAY! Thanks Jorn van Dijk. Helps with moving around modules easily between prototypes.

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