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Danni Priscilla Hu
Posted Aug 20 - Read on Facebook

Have been excited about Framer JS for a while, but just started playing with it recently.

While I was learning dragging/constraint today, somehow the constraint does not work properly for the layer I imported... tried to test it with a new layer created in the code, and it works fine... Can anyone help me? :( You can find the file in


Jonas Treub

Constraints are relative to the superLayer of the layer you constraint. Since the app_1 layer is a sublayer of page_1 and page_1 has its x origin at -594 the constraints are not where you expected them to be. You could fix it by setting the x position of the constraintFrame to 594 or by putting the app_1 layer directly on the canvas.

Danni Priscilla Hu

thanks Jonas!!

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