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Patrick Arminio
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone! For some reason require is not working for me, I get this error:

I tried to check the generated code and there's this strange thing here:

which is basically the function which throws the error, but I can't understand why window.require has that code.


Patrick Arminio

Well, sorry! I don't know why but I created the project again (as suggested by the docs) and it works now :)
Not sure why though, I didn't update framer and I created the project today :)

Ed Lea

sorry to ask the obvious (always a good place to start), but in the Framer project that does not work, do you have this file modules/ ?

Patrick Arminio

Yup :)

Matthäus Schreder

I get this error a lot, I have two modules sitting next to each other (modules folder) one works and the other one gives an error that it was not found.

Matthäus Schreder

although I have a bit of a different setup with gulp

Koen Bok

So this method kicks in when your module could not be compiled and therefore misses the Browserify require function. I'll check if something broke there.

Matthäus Schreder


Matthäus Schreder

I am currently circumventing it with gulp-concat tool for coffeescript (nicer to target functions/vars than require)

Arron J Hunt

I've been getting this same problem for a while now. Even on brand new projects, framer can never find modules

Andrew Cornett

Happening for me as well. Quitting relaunching multiple times doesn't help.

Ron Sparks

Is there any more in site here?
Does this mean modules are conflicting?

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