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Thomas Law
Posted Sep 16 - Read on Facebook

I cannot open my prototype in Frameless, iOS9. Only shows a white background. Why?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Thomas Law - can you preview your prototype on Safari? Or does that also give you a white background?

Thomas Law

Benjamin Den Boer Sadly the same.

Jordi Martinez Ortega

*bumping* I get to see my prototype on framerless on ios9 but it seems the Screen.width and height are all messed up 980px by 1743px on framerless versus 750px by 1334px on Framer Studio

Jonas Treub

iOS9 has a different browser width but if I am not mistaken, a fix is already on its way to the review team

Jay Stakelon

iOS9 renders size a lil differently so yeah, if you use values based on Screen.height/width constants it will appear broken. There's a fix that is going to the App Store (thx Mike Feldstein) but no ETA on when it will be live. If you want it sooner build 📱⚡️

Jordi Martinez Ortega

Jay Stakelon on it. thanks so much!

Jordi Martinez Ortega

Jay Stakelon works like a charm! thanks again

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