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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook

Cursor Pressed State Module


I've always wanted a pressed state for the mouse interactions when using Framer. I share a lot of my interactions / work in progress via video or Google hangouts. Often times there is confusion regarding when a press or press and hold happens on screen since Framer only has one cursor state. I set out to change that...

Joshua Tucker and I created a new module that allows you to add a pressed state to your cursor for those in-browser demos. Get the module and try it out.


Module w/ Subtle Cursor: Thanks Fran!

We hope you find it useful in your projects!

Also, thanks for the ideas on how to approach this Brandon and Tisho. :D



Stephen Crowley

Nice guys! Making me feel like a slacker :) My two cents here: first impression was that the press state would feel more concave, the inverse of the current cursor which feels physically convex- like a bubble.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It subltly is... without being too loud. However on white there is no bubble... it's all shadow.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Stephen Crowley - If you want to send a different version feel free. here is the PSD:

Bo Jan


Tristan L'Abbé


Fran Pérez


Fran Pérez

Not sure about such a strong border thought :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm open to other suggestions. It's pretty easy to replace. I was definitely looking for something with contrast next to the standard cursor for clarity.

Jordan Robert Dobson

If anyone else wants to provide other cursors, I'll happily add them to the module.

Fran Pérez

What do you think about something like this?

Jordan Robert Dobson

And on white? I think that's a fine alternative. It's not enough contrast for my needs though.

Fran Pérez

Jordan Robert Dobson

If you want to send me the 78 by 78 png I can add that to the module as well.

Fran Pérez

Sure :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks Fran Pérez - I added it to the module here:

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