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Jitendra Vyas
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook


Mario Borg

I want this now!!

Davo Galavotti

I love the app, seems like a time saver. I will make use of the trial, but $99 seems like lot of cheese for me.

Justin Smith

A friend of mine is the designer/programmer on this and I got to work with VERY early versions of it. It's extremely promising and super quick to get some things together. I think it still needs some features but I know Daniel is actively working on those.

Kurt Rauffer

Pretty interesting but would love to know if you could dive in and be able to manipulate the curves to the animation.

Justin Smith

You can!

Richard Burton

Davo Galavotti what's your hourly rate? If that seems too much then you must be $5-10 / hour </gentle troll>

Freddy Roosevelt

Framer is really doing something right! All these new products wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the success of framer. Principal looks good and promising but I'll stick with framer until further notice.

Nick Kutateli

Justin Smith Is this the more completed version of Mitya?

Davo Galavotti

Yes, thats pretty much how much we do down here in South America or any other emerging markets out there, Richard.

Either way, with a lot of competition out there (Framer, Proto, Origami-Avocado, Marvel, Form, etc.) what I'm trying to say is seems like pricey.

Mario Borg

This is what Pixate should have been, I think the pricing is on the same level as others out there

Joshua Tucker

David is a great guy - put a ton of thought and love into this. Had a chance to talk with him briefly at early stages of development and I'm excited to see new things!

Ola Laurin

Google: Well, what have we here? *opening checkbook*

Philip Jacob Amour

That's awesome! It seems really easy to use, especially for designers that are struggling with grasping programming concepts!

Ahmed El Wassimy

Shiv Dario

Arron J Hunt

Just played around with it. Feels like an unfinished product, I don't know who would pay $99 for it.

Inconsistent icon styles and some features are "still being worked on" as the dialogs are saying.

Zahir Javier Latif

Waiting for the Sketch3 vs Principle articles. I understand that there's no 1 application to design UI from wireframe to finished products with assets but.....well Sketch3 does that for me, but would love to learn animations with this thing!

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