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Stefanos Kofopoulos
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I put together a tutorial for Page Component using two real world examples from Snapchat like app. Very easy to follow. Simple and clean.

It covers Page Component both ways. Using a for loop and custom layers.

This is a beginners guide. All the Pros will find it boring but i will appreciate your feedback for writing and presentation. Will it help the Framer JS community to grow and mature?


Koen Bok

Great tutorial! Thanks so much! For everyone: we're working on a resource page on the site where we can list all these, plus books and courses with dibs to the makers. If you like to get linked, write a nice tutorial in a way you think it will help people. Different people learn in different ways and finding a tutorial with a style that connects to how you think makes all the difference!

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Mudit yes of course. I kept the layers "full screen" so to speak to simulate the way Snapchat works with its filters. The layers exist in the Page Component. That's the super layer.

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