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Kasper Andersen
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey people

I'm playing around with the Page Component, and have a question.

I can see that I could use this even "change:currentPage" but it trickers every time the pages change.

Is there a way to only tricker an event if it changes to a specific page/layer in the Page Component?

Like if I swipe to pageThree, then a Layer on pageThree will fade in.


Cemre Güngör

sure! you can ask for the current page, and do an if statement.

Kasper Andersen

Cemre Güngör arh yeah makes sense! When I print current page I get "» <Layer id:5 (0,1334) 750x1334>" How would the if statement look then?

Cemre Güngör

if currentPage == layer3 :)

Cemre Güngör

how are you creating your pages? it's gonna be the same as the variable for that page

Kasper Andersen

This worked "if page.currentPage == pageOne"
Thanks Cemre Güngör !

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