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Ayushi Sinha
Posted Aug 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi. I am a beginner at FramerJS. While importing my Sketch files, I can't get it right on the device preview. It comes half screen. What might I be doing wrong?

For example, when I import a Sketch file of 720 x 1370 on Framer, I get it something like the attached screenshot. It doesn't come on the entire screen. Don't know why it gets displaced. Any suggestions?


Balraj Chana

Hi Ayushi, before you import your Sketch file into Framer, set the x and y positions of your artboard to 0 in the inspector. Hope that helps :)

Le Pierre

Like Balraj mentioned you should check first the position. Do you use artboards at all? Maybe a single (hidden) object is messing it up also?!

Pranjal Kumar Singh

Sketch has a bug, where sometimes objects inside Artboards don't start at (0,0) Top Left. Note that your Artboard's coordinates could be anything, but your screen boundary (typically a layer) should start from (0,0).

Jack Kelly

^ this is correct, check your Sketch file's artboards and adjust them to be zero-ed out. this helped me with a similar bug in the past, hope it helps!

Ayushi Sinha

Thanks all. That did help :)

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