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Jason Vestri
Posted Jan 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey all. Is it possible to use vanilla JavaScript? Or even load in jQuery to Framer?


Isaac Weinhausen

CoffeeScript allows for embedding JS, but haven't tried jQuery in Framer Studio yet.

Koen Bok

There are tricks and hacks, but the easy answer is no.

The main reason is that CoffeeScript is easier to get into (for item in list vs for (var i=0; i < etc..)) and it would be a mess if we had two languages. We might switch in the future if ES6 becomes a bit more mainstream / ready.

Andreas Wahlström

regarding jQuery: Include it in your project's index.html <head> and use $(layer._element) for targeting layers.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's possible. But why!? 😁

Jason Vestri

Great feedback everybody. Thanks for your links and help.

I want to get better at JavaScript. Thought this might help.

Either way Framer is much faster for thinking through prototypes with code. It has certain constraints that are grounded and can still help you communicate to design and engineering the intent of your design.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Coffee script is JavaScript without all the cruft. So you will still get better at JavaScript. :)

Yoshua Wuyts
Chris Aga

Jason Vestri, I feel you man, I'm so used to jQuery's implementation of $.each, I even use it on Arrays and Object literals :P
I do it like this:

Chris Aga

And I put jquery.js in my modules folder

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