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Hugo van Heuven
Posted Aug 15 - Read on Facebook

I've got a project where I'm parsing through a who bunch of dicts. In Framer studio everything works peachy, yet in Frameless the main view doesn't get populated.. I suspect somehow the parsing breaks in Frameless, but i wouldn't know why...

I can't really share the project unfortunately and I can't repo the bug in a test project. So the question is: Has anybody experienced troubles with Frameless, and what could be reasons why it displays different? Maybe if I know some of the common problems I can investigate...


Koen Bok

If you get the same err in Safari, just connect it to a Mac with USB and open the inspector through Safari:

Anthony Roscoe

Something tells me you're access to the data isn't authenticated in Frameless. Make sure you're on the VPN. Might fix it.

Hugo van Heuven

Anthony figured it out for me.. I was assigning to "this" in my constructors, which is a handy shortcut that Framer allows, but somehow it doesn't work in browsers.

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