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Arron J Hunt
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

Can we get a package manager built into Framer Studio for quickly importing and managing framer modules? That would be siiiick


Noah Tsutsui

great idea

Keith Lang

One might consider Sketch Toolbox as a model, except more deeply integrated. Imagine searching by description of what you want to achieve, tap a button, and boom, the module is imported with some handy link to its documentation.

Koen Bok

We'd love to do this, but there are some other things on the list first.

Arron J Hunt

Koen Bok ❤️ good to know its on the radar :)

Koen Bok

Yeah it will be based on npm (or bower), I think.

Christian Hagel

I'd love to see this too. Just curious what models people have used. Sketch toolbox, cocoapods, ruby gems. Others?

Arron J Hunt

+1 for npm

Mark Johnston

Roll on fpm 😋

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