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Christian Hagel
Posted Jul 05 - Read on Facebook

Do you know the game "War"? You split a deck of cards in two, you turn a card and see who has the higer value and so on. When I grew up I played a similar game with cards with motorcycles, cars, or planes. And instead of each card having only one value they had 6 to pick from.

I wanted to build that game to learn framer and to play it with my kids. You can see the current iteration here:

It's work in progress and I've only focused on getting the gameplay far enough along that I can test it with my kids. I have not focused on visual design or microinteractions yet. Lot's still to do.

However, when building the game and learning framer, I ran into several things that stumped me. I presented four of those yesterday in Seattle. Here are four small projects to highlight those issues. Hope they are helpful to others new to framer.

Images just show up nicely:

Opacity 0 is not the same as visible false:

Where you put ignoreEvents matter:

You can change animation options:


John Lee

Christian Hagel awesome! would be great to build a library of games for kids to enjoy!

Christian Hagel

Please ask questions. Happy to help. And if you see something in that I could do better in the game I'd love to learn :-)

Christian Hagel

Anette Hete I like that. We only called it "War" or in Danish "Krig"

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