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Денис Дрожжов
Posted Nov 22 - Read on Facebook

I often have problems re-importing layers from Photoshop to Framer. Most common problem is when some layers do not import or show up in the wrong place in the layer hierarchy. I suspect it happens when there are too many sublayers, but I'm not sure. Does anybody have similar issues? Are there any do's and dont's for Photoshop source files? Does Sketch import work better?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hmm, is it specifically occurring when re-importing a document, or just importing in general? One thing that you may be running into is the flattening of ungrouped layers. So, say you have a layer group containing both other layer groups and regular layers - the hierarchy of the layer groups is respected, and they are selectable and adjustable within Framer. But the ungrouped layers get flattened, as in, they become part of the background of their parent layer. So if you have a lot of these mixed, it may appear to cause a change in hierarchy when importing. :-)

Денис Дрожжов

No, that's not the issue. What happens is when I add new subgroups in Photoshop, some of them do not import. In other cases they import but fall out of layers they are supposed to be in. For example in photoshop A was subgroup of B and in Framer they become siblings.

Денис Дрожжов

I think something's wrong with vector shapes. Some of them occasionally fail to import. When I create another layer in the same Photoshop subgroup, it starts working.

Sufiyan Yusuf

putting layers into groups is a workaround that works for this problem...

Koen Bok

At this point Sketch works a little better than Ps because we focus on it more, since ps imports dived under 10%. That said, please send bugs to support because we'd definitely like to fix them.

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