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Hajin Choi
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know why some of the elements imported from a Sketch file look cut off when the prototype is viewed on a browser (the share link you generate from Framer)?


Neema Mahdavi

Issue doesn't exist in the preview pane? Only online?

Hajin Choi

It looks fine on preview.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Hajin Choi - are you positioning any elements dynamically? For instance, using the Screen.width or Screen.height properties to position layers? Otherwise, are all x & y values of your parent layer groups in sketch set to 0,0?

Hajin Choi

Benjamin Den Boer I added these layers (the ones that look cut off) to another layer as its subLayer and then position them simply using layerName.x and layerName.y so they are placed in relation to their parent layer. Also, I positioned my Sketch file artboard to 0,0,

Hajin Choi

Benjamin Den Boer I just noticed this issue doesn't happen on Safari. I was using Chrome when I had this problem.

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