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Josselin Ex-Nils
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

I have been experimenting with Framer, and I have a couple questions :

1. I have had some issues capturing the touch events both at the component level and at the page level in order to capture when a swipe was started on a a specific component but finished on another. Furthermore, I ended up updating my global state in one place with lots of conditions based on the previous state, the touch start point and the touch end point. Any good practice here to keep things clean ? (I'm not a coder)

2. I have recreated the menu / listing features of the Instapaper app and I already have quite a long file mixing component creation in loops, event listener creation, states definition, coffee functions,... Again any good practice regarding modularizing the code ?

3. I have integrated with Parse as one tutorial suggests. And I'd like to integrate with other 3rd service app. I don't see any reason why it should not work as long as they provide some kind of javascript SDK. Has anybody integrated with other services though ? Any feedback on how that went down ?

Thanks for your inputs.