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Noah Tsutsui
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

Sooooo, I was on a plane to Korea yesterday (non-wifi enabled flight), trying to make a cool prototype, so I tried to load the docs, and... :(

Have you guys considered making a Dash docset?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I believe there is one already that Koen put together a while ago.

Noah Tsutsui

I checked the user contributed section and didn’t see anything.

Jordan Robert Dobson
Koen Bok

The docs work offline in the latest beta.

Jacob Berlow

Is it possible to "Find next?" If I don't see it in the first place it appears, I am not sure what to do, other than to scroll through the entire doc looking for yellow (Cmd-G doesn't seem to work).

Koen Bok

The default webview does not implement search (like in Safari) so we had to hack together this crappy js version. I'll see if something maybe changed since WebKit2.

Jacky Lee

Dash docset would be awesome!

Dallas Peters

Jacob Berlow and Jacky Lee installing the Dash set was WELL WORTH it. Not being able to advance to next instance was what sent me looking and then found...

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