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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Apr 29 - Read on Facebook

I made this with my 3.5 year old son Jonah last night. And we changed a few things this morning. It was mostly under his direction with a few suggestions on my end. (spin them and blend them)

The hardest part was keeping up with his ideas. :D

Pretty fun working with him… I think next we might make a fun letters game where he can practice organizing the letters in his name and can trace them to draw with his finger. It should be fun to make during the rainy days here in Seattle.


Luka Marčec

This is amazing! :D

Fran Pérez


Arved Baumgärtner

haha, love it!

Jordan Robert Dobson

The code is pretty sloppy thanks to how fast the ideas were coming out of his head. :D

Koen Bok

This is so cool! Any chance on an audio recorded session? I'd like to hear this visionary think and explore the future of interfaces.

Koen Bok

Actually not that much of a joke. I'd love to hear a kid come up with ideas to make stuff on screens. I bet I can actually learn from it.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Oh man… that might be a lot of fun Koen. I could probably do that on the next one. You might have to hear me say “Do I need to remind you again about hanging on my arm / chair / laptop / back” a 1000 times. :P

Jordan Robert Dobson

Little kids want everything now… So I probably would want to have a few elements / ideas / sources ready before hand… and Jonah and I would probably need to talk about what we want to build first… that way I can be prepared and he can be 5% more focused.

But yeah this sounds super fun to record. I’m sure he’d love to see it 5 - 10 years from now too.

Jordan Robert Dobson

He honestly loved seeing the work we did on the computer and that it would show up almost instantly on the phone so he could try it right away.

Ryan Gambles

Splendid job! I have no idea what is going on but just spent 10 minutes playing with it.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nothing is going on. Lol. Until now we've spent most of our time drawing colors , faces and shapes in illustrator or photoshop. So he wanted to do the same thing here. But I showed him that we could move stuff and ideas started flying around from there.

Glad you spent some time with it.

Christian Hagel


Koen Bok

I'm obsessed with the smiley face going from happy to not.

Stephen Crowley

So... does he want to present on Thursday? haha

Jordan Robert Dobson

Koen - he was not pleased until the eyes got squishy. He stormed out of the room saying "that's not a sad face... you have to squish the eyes!"

Jordan Robert Dobson

Stephen - he might like to join me... I don't know if he'd sit still all that time though.

Michael Lee

this is so cool!

Kalem Hall

That mix blend mode styling is really cool!!

German Bauer

Super creative, artful, nice execution stretching what Framer is perceived as being capable of. Great work.

Kat Reilly

What a lovely toy! I can't believe how fluid it is.

Way to go Jordan and Framer!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks Kat it was a lot of fun!

Sergey Voronov

really cool stuff)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I need to do this with him again now that he's about a year older.

Spencer James

Playing with this is way more fun than listening to lecture right now

Jordan Robert Dobson

That was his entire goal Spencer. Fun fun fun.

Allen Chan

damnnn that is awesome and trippy

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