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Øyvind Nordbø
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

Hello, lovely Framer people!

I have been having so much fun the last two weeks, learning and exploring Framer Studio and building my first high-fidelity prototype. It's been super simple and whenever I've had an issue, there's always an example, some docs or another person to help me.

Now, I am _so close_ to finishing my first project, but there's a few teeny-tiny issues that keeps bugging me, and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.

Basically, in the second state I've built a simple date picker with ScrollComponent. Problem is: it's a child element of a draggable container, so whenever I scroll my date picker, the entire container scrolls with it.

Second, I've gotten the initial card animation to work when I tap the "Add item" button, but when I use dragging to close it and click again, it'll stick to static, or vice versa, based on however I try to fix it.

Finally, I'd love to restrict vertical dragging to only downwards on the add card.

Sorry for the very lengthy post! I tend to be a bit descriptive..

Any ideas how I might fix this? 😄

Here's the project file:


David Louie

Nice work. Here's the fix.
Basically added 2 lines.
numberScroll.content.draggable.propagateEvents = false
dayScroll.content.draggable.propagateEvents = false

David Louie

Here's the link to the documentation where it describes exactly your problem

David Louie

Just saw that you had a couple issues. I think I addressed them here.

Øyvind Nordbø

Thank you, David!

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