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Nick Bewley
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

How to trigger an event on MouseOver on the body (ie. the whole preview area)?


• document.on Events.MouseOver, ->
• document.body.on Events.MouseOver, ->
• document.body.content.on Events.MouseOver, ->
• body.on Events.MouseOver, ->
• etc., etc.

Can anyone point me towards that magic combination that will get me there? Thanks a ton!


Joshua Tucker

Hey Nick! Document ( (HTML DOM) doesn't extend EventEmitter (which allows you to do .on / .off on layers in Framer - it's build in that way to make event listeners easier). You need to use HTML add/removeEventListener with DOM-supported events (

document.addEventListener "mouseover", ->
do whatever

OR using a function as the call handler

printHello = ->
print "Hello"

document.addEventListener "mouseover", printHello

Nick Bewley

Yasss. Makes sense thanks Joshua

Joshua Tucker

Nick Bewley Anytime!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great explanation Joshua

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