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Andreas Wahlström
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Background blur added to Webkit Nightly! Works great with Framer. See:


Stephen Crowley

Yeah just read that- adding it to my Safari Chrome Framer Design

Chris Camargo


Jordan Robert Dobson

Careful though who you share this with yet. It likely won't work for everyone for a bit still.

Josh Ackerman

Does this only work on El Capitan with Safari? Or is this possible in Framer?

Noah Tsutsui

Need this

Jeff Smith

Thanks for this Andreas. Here's a bit more detailed rundown:

1) Add a background blur to a layer in your framer file: =
"-webkit-backdrop-filter": "blur(30px)"
2) Because the Framer simulator doesn't run on Nightly, you'll have to run the prototype outside of Framer Studio. Download the latest version of Webkit Nightly ( and turn off caching and disable local file restrictions in the develop tab
3) Open the index file of your framer document in Webkit Nightly and enjoy that frosted goodness.

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