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Stefanos Kofopoulos
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

I had an idea about Framer. What if an amazing prototyping tool morphs into a creative platform? I wrote this short blog post / how-to explaining my thoughts.

It hit me a couple of days ago. Framer is amazing for presentations. No more Keynote or Prezi.

The example i created is simple but works. It mimics Prezi. I'm a newbie. The code is sloppy but it works.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about this. I believe it has potential to be a game changer with support from all the great devs and creatives out there.


Josh Ackerman

I think any presentation solution that is web based has a lot of potential. I have seen far too many presentations where people need to exit out of keynote/powerpoint to play a video, or show a web page. Web based presentations could include actual web pages inside them, live prototypes, or even realtime data. I might start working on a FramerJS presentation template.

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Josh that's exactly what i was thinking. A Layer can contain anything and manipulated in any possible way so yes. It would awesome if you could a template.

Édouard Urcades

embedding multiple framer prototypes into reveal.js presentations is a great way to blow ppls minds

Édouard Urcades

also allows you to break down interaction models in a really great way

Mudit Mittal

I think this is a great idea! I would use it if there was a framework available.

Paul Van Slembrouck

Reveal.js is my go-to presentation framework ( faster and more flexible than designing in Sketch and then importing into Framer. (for example, to update the design with reveal, just tweak the CSS; Sketch can't do that out of the box) I don't like Prezi's pan & zoom & rotate infinite canvas approach because it's disorienting for people (it gives some folks headaches and nausea) and it's overkill for 99% of presentations.

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