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Daniel Lee
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys so I'm prototyping an app which uses autoplay of videos. When I share the prototype via email and appears in safari on an iPhone the videos do not display (just missing the layer) and do not play.. I can make the video appear and play the video by tapping on the space that was expecting the video. Is this due to fact that iOS doesn't not allow autoplaying via the web? Should I be expecting at least the video frame to show up? Anybody experience this in the past? Also thank you for all the support with these questions.


Chris Camargo

I believe the commentary here still applies:

Kees Plattel

iOS doesn't allow inline videos just yet. Either through an app or the native safari browser, it doesn't work. Maybe soonish... as it would open up a lot of possibilities, such as VR.

Daniel Lee

Ah thank you guys. All makes sense.

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