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Brandon Souba
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

I helped teach a beginner class at the Framer session last night.

I was thinking that it would be nice to have more frequent / less formal get togethers to talk shop and go over some simple Framer concepts & workflows.

When: Framer Fridays. (morning, afternoon, or night?)
Where: San Francisco. Coffee shop or here at Dropbox?
What: 1 hour demos + 1 hour work session to have mentors help with problems
Frequency: Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Just an idea. I'm happy to help organize. There would be limited space per session (5-10 people). This will help keep things focused - I'd love for people to come with specific questions / issues. Each session will have different focus (Beginners, Sketch workflow, Advanced, Using real data etc).



Ohn Ho

Yes. Do this.

Pavan Ravipati

I am so in for this! Friday mornings or afternoons would work great.

Koen Bok

Go for it Souba!

Stephen Crowley

TLDR Casual is nice

It's been going well for us here in Seattle. Next meeting is opened up to people asking questions after a few of the presentations and getting paired with someone who can help with the issue. We found that people stayed after the meeting anyway and sat together and talked about specific issues. Also, in the past some of us have used google hangouts to screen share and chat.

Arvi Raquel-Santos

I can also probably host something here at Fitbit. A few here are curious to learn. Lemme know.

Guy Gunaratne

This would be great

Richard Burton

I really enjoyed taking a class too. Keen to help out. In SF for the next month.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm actually going to try to do this internally with my team here.

Bo Jan

Down for it! Dropbox office would be nice since its around the corner hahah. Awesome Idea!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Two hours a week talking about our workflows and improving them would be awesome to have... we're doing more and more prototyping... And the workflow could be much faster. I could also benefit from more sketch knowledge... I'll trade that for Framer and coding help. :D

Effy Zhang

Everyone can demo a small project they did and write a short tutorial

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Please live stream that or put it on YouTube for us not in SF

Stephen Crowley

I think we need to cross the streams with a live SF/Seattle event in the near future

Heather Prime

I'd love to go to a beginner class!

Guillermo Romero Jr

This sounds pretty awesome! Would prefer middle of the week vs a Friday though.

Jessica Strelioff

id take it

Ash Adamson

Very down! +1 Real data +1 Advanced

Jie Gao

im down too!

Chantal Jandard

I'd be down!

Jessica Tiao

How do I get involved? I'm a beginner working in SF who would attend a session like this :) (at night, coffee shop and a weekly session sounds awesome)

Ian Sterling

I would really like to be apart of this, as I'm moving to SF in a couple weeks

Brooks Hassig

+1 for Fri at Dropbox.

Brian Beavers

I'm very interested. Please keep us posted.

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