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Cemre Güngör
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

I updated my Facebook photo album example for the latest version of Framer. This example shows how you take things out of scroll views and zoom them full screen.

I tried to write a lot of comments but please give it a try and let me know how I can make it easier to understand. (Bonus: swipe to close).
(If you open the file, there's a link to the sketch file that I used to make this).


Cemre Güngör

cc Rouja Pakiman – I think this is what you wanted to see yesterday :)

Andreas Wahlström

Really nice! I tried to replicate the swipe to close animation for Paper, earlier. Might be useful here too:

Koen Bok

Benjamin Den Boer let's update the example on the site too!

Stephen Crowley

Thank you Cemre - my implementation of a similar interaction is wonky and this makes for a good reference!

Rouja Pakiman

Beautiful! It already covers what I wanted to ask next: animate back to scrollView on drag rather than click only! In my prototype I'm also adding horizontal drag (+,- 10px or so) so it feels like it's gliding yet controlled... I don't have the right feeling yet but it's getting there :) Thank you Cemre Güngör!

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