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Noah Tsutsui
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

How do I add a shadow property during an animation? This doesn't seem to work.

mySquare.on Events.Click, ->
shadowX: 10
shadowY: 10
shadowSpread: 10
shadowBlur: 40
shadowColor: "#000000"
scale: 2
borderRadius: 10


Noah Levin

You need to have initialized a shadow on that layer to begin with so it can animate from something. So just set a shadow to 0 before the click event then give it a shot.

There should be some good examples in for this too if you get stuck. Good luck dude!

Noah Tsutsui

thanks dude.

Noah Tsutsui

"x property not initialized" errors would be cool.

Noah Levin

I think shadows are the only property that need this -- and I think because they are expensive to draw even when set to 0 for every layer when they don't all need them. Framer should detect if you are trying to animate a layer with it though and just initialize it for you. Cc/ Koen

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