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Michał Jarosz
Posted Mar 20 - Read on Facebook


I am not coder, but I believe there's some trick to do number counter in Framer JS with or without this:

It's popular, but sometimes I need present it to client.


David Klein

Hey Guys, does anybody of you know how I can countUp numbers with commas or dots? Like counting up to 7,5? Framer always rounds up to 8 if I try it with:

if counterValue < 7.5

Thanks for your help!

Michał Jarosz


Gabriel Lovato

I'm on my phone but try this
counterLayer = new Layer
counterValue = 0
Utils.Interval 0.05, ->
if counterValue < 200
layer.html = counterValue

Michał Jarosz

Thanks man! You can see this here:

If is possible add ease-out effects for this that would be awesome, I trying do it using Utils.delay but that was only delaying all animation, not separately one digit.

Ezzat Chamudi
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