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Josh Ackerman
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

I have been playing around with graph drawing recently, and a few other things that I will post soon. This graph uses force directed graph drawing to place the nodes (vertices), and the edges are defined in an adjacency matrix.

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Benjamin Den Boer

Wow - impressive. Nice work! :-D

Jordan Robert Dobson

I would love to see how you set this up. Nice work.

Fran Pérez

Yes, share it!

Antoine Hzg

Nice work, did you need to use d3.js ?

Josh Ackerman

Yes, I used d3.js. It is a very powerful library, and I cannot even imagine all the ways it can be used in prototypes or development.

Antoine Hzg

how do you integrate with Framerjs? is there any tutorial ? could we see you code ? Thanks !

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