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Arron J Hunt
Posted Aug 06 - Read on Facebook

Playing around with filters and made a dumb thing. I'm always amazed at what Framer can accomplish and how completely easy it is to create with.


Ken Miura

wow, very impressive.

George Kedenburg III


Svet Denkov

Pretty wicked!

Noah Tsutsui

sauce plz

Arron J Hunt

Noah Tsutsui Sauce coming right up

Arron J Hunt

Don't look at the code it's a mess :O

Jordan Robert Dobson

Is this essentially the blobbing technique?

Arron J Hunt

Jordan Yup

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work. I feel like there are practical uses for things like this. Not sure how though.

Artur Krasnykh


Fran Pérez

Awesome! :)

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