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Alasdair Cumming
Posted Aug 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone. Would be awesome if you answer the below.
Still trying wrap my head around what role framer sould play in the design process.
I realise there's no 'right' answer, but interested to see how you're all using it.
I use framer to...


Alasdair Cumming

Also, would be interested to hear stories from anyone who's used framer for user testing, or anything like that

Kevin Cannon

I use framer mostly for 'micro-interactions' for specific UI widgets or transitions. I use things like InVision for large multi-screen flows.

Alasdair Cumming

Kevin Cannon yeah InVision is perfect for that speedy demo and collecting feedback from your team. Though I like the idea of getting closer to the real thing ASAP. Still trying to figure out if framer could take bite out of invision's lunch

Văn Công Bằng

I think the designer uses framer to communicate with the deverloper, in some companies, the animations are decided by the design or ux team.

Alasdair Cumming

Văn Công Bằng That's a nice concise view on it. Something to help communicate your ideas better to dev team. Would you / have you ever put framer prototypes in front of users?

Văn Công Bằng

Alasdair Cumming I haven't done that yet, framer is still an experiment for our team

Michael DeFazio

We just did some user testing on a framer prototype at work at it worked out great. We have used Invision but mostly to get a broad sense of the app or website. Framer allowed us to test out having 2 areas of the app scrollable (something Invision can't do). I was able to setup 3 versions of this screen in one prototype by creating 3 links on the home page that would load different images into 1 'template'. We were able to get a sense very quickly if users responded to our overall design and the placement of comments and related items (in the side bar or below the main content).

We have used pixate to achieve similar tests but I've found once you get to a certain point in pixate, it gets very cumbersome to change things.

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