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Stella Dou
Posted Aug 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys, I have a lot of trouble today to generate share links of my framer project. Some of the links are so slow to be opened up. I need these project for testing tomorrow. Anyone could help? Really appreciated


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Stella Dou - hmm. Could it be that you've re-imported your designs a couple of times? Sometimes, if you change names or are working within multiple Sketch/Photoshop files, the imported folder can be filled with several older folders. If that's the case, deleting any old imported folder can save you some speed. :-)

Stella Dou

Well, I did re-imported a couple of times, but it's just updating of one sketch file. In my imported folder, it actually only one folder there....

Benjamin Den Boer

Ah, I see. Are there any really large assets within your Sketch file? Big images or bitmaps?

Stella Dou

I don't think so. The imported folder size is 152kb. Each time I tap 'share' button, it pop up 'error-please check console for more infor'

Stella Dou

And I checked some other share links from other people, or cannot be loaded or really slow plus missing component. Is there anything wrong with framer?

Katie Wu

I'm having a similar problem except that on certain interactions using Frameless the whole prototype just "whitescreens." I've cleared the imported folder but it's not working :( Any ideas? It works fine on Framer Studio, just not on Frameless.

Jay Stakelon

Katie Wu if you open the project in Safari on your device is it any different or is the issue particular to Frameless (vs. particular to the device overall)

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