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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Mar 21 - Read on Facebook

It looks like Framer prototypes will work on Windows Mobile phones now if you have Edge. I'm still testing this out and will report back more... but this is promising!

I did some tests today and only had a failure on -webkit-filter effects (blur, contrast, brightness, hue, etc...) I think you can likely enable it with about:flags however. I need to dig in.

The only issue I see now is on the touch screen desktops... the touch events don't seem to work. The mouse apparently works fine though.


Julia Carlson

Hi Jordan, we're still seeing this error in Edge: "Error: Not a WebKit Browser". The prototype still works after we click "try anyway" but is there a way to disable this so we don't see the error?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think there was a change request recently that Eelco approved that might be related.

Koen might know too?

Eelco Lempsink

Hi Julia, the error you’re seeing seems to originate from Framer iOS Kit (, because it’s not part of Framer. Probably best to file an issue there.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think you can force remove error messages though right?

Andrew Nalband

Only 10-20% broken. Not bad for Microsoft. ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I got asked to do a prototype for windows phone today... Errrr ahhhh yeah... 😞

Andrew Nalband

Gotta capture that windows phone market share.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's actually great progress Andrew. They basically have to mimic all of webkits bugs... But it seems rather solid. MSFT is just ahead of the game with their pointer events and their touchscreen / mouse & keyboard displays.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm just happy I can keep working in framer and not have to go back to my 2008 methods of prototyping.

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