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Guillermo Romero Jr
Posted Aug 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framerites,
I've been learning Framer and Coffeescript and put together a list of resources that I've found in my journey. Feel free to pass it along!

** Updated 6 Aug with links shared in the comments. Keep 'em coming!


Andy Cetnarskyj

found the Udemy course got me up to speed really quickly too

Pavan Ravipati

Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

Jie Gao

Thank you! I'm just starting to learn framer and it's been pretty hard because i don't have any background/knowledge about coding at all.

Andy Cetnarskyj

Jie Gao read this in tandem

Pavan Ravipati

another ui / design resource for the list:

Borja Miramón

Thanks for sharing mate.

Chris Camargo

Thx for the plug!

Guillermo Romero Jr

Updated the list. Thanks for sharing links all. @Chris no problemo. Your video was super useful. Hope to see more!

Carl Cooper

You should add - lots of useful links and tutorials

Carl Cooper
Robb Schiller

Looks great Guillermo Romero Jr! Per a comment from Ale Muñoz a while back, I started a GitHub "Awesome" list of Framer resources with a couple quick posts, if PR's are your kind of thing -

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