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Daniel Lee
Posted Aug 05 - Read on Facebook

When working with pages and page components can you tweak the bounce, over drag and more? I'm working on a prototype and I have the velocity threshold at a spot I like, but the page drags too much when I am performing other scroll operations within the individual pages.

Any recommendations for the finesse of bounce and drag on PageComponets?

page = New PageComponent
page.bounce = x ???


Sumul Shah

Daniel, I'm not 100% sure I understand the last part ("the page drags too much..."), but here are some tips. PageComponent is a subclass of ScrollComponent. Have you tried playing with page.speedX and page.speedY? If that doesn't get you what you want, then keep in mind that page.content is a Layer with layer.draggable properties set up, so you can try tweaking page.content.bounce and page.content.bounceOptions.

Daniel Lee

Sumul Shah thank you! I didn't think about that. These are great places to start.

Daniel Lee

Sumul Shah Thanks! So simple just adding a low speedY value did the trick. I would share the results but its' contract work. Thanks again.

Sumul Shah

You're welcome! Glad it worked out.

Benjamin Den Boer

Daniel Lee - if you're looking to tweak the page-to-page snapping animation, it's even easier :) :

page.animationOptions = curve: "spring(400,50,0)"

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