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Dan Clarke
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I want to animate the height of the layer. But I want it to animate upwards from the bottom. Currently the x,y sets the location and height extends down from this point. Can I invert this? thanks!


Lisa Costanzo Wilkins

this doesn't seem to work anymore, what specifically do I attach the originY to? Everything is animating top -> down for me. When I preview your sample Stephen Crowley I get the correct behavior, but when I open the project, nothing renders.

Karina Kozinsky

I had the same problem, changing origin didn't work. Ended up using scale...

Stephen Crowley
Kees Plattel

You can use the X+Y origin to displace the anchor points of the animation:

Stephen Crowley

I saw a few people ask the same question a little while back... found the example (hopefully it helps): Definitely search the group for similar posts

Dan Clarke

great, that worked Stephen Crowley! Kees Plattel I coudn't seem to get the origins to work as I thought?

Dan Clarke

this project by Benjamin Den Boer helped a lot!

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