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Jimmy Young
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

I'm having a problem exporting sketch artboards into framer at the wrong size. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong?


Jacky Lee

Looks like you just need to scale that artboard to the right sizes

Benjamin Udink ten Cate

you need to size your frame exactly like the phonescreen like you want to display in. also mind you that the position of the artboard is x:0 y:0

Kev Craven

It's because when you create a sketch document with an iPhone 6 artboard, it does it at the point size of 375 x 667 - rather than the pixel size. You can scale it in Framer but the results are blurry, so I now change my artboards to be 750 x 1334 which works fine for prototyping.

Sarthak Pranit

Just use Framer.Device.contentScale to enlarge your imported artboards. It looks weird if you are using lot of images, but for sheer prototyping purposes, this works.

Josselin Ex-Nils

Having the same problem, I resolved to scale up in Sketch. Thanks for the tip, I'll try next time. Does it preserve the aspect or does it get blurry ?

Sarthak Pranit

It preserves the aspect for text but images do get blurry. So as long as you are doing low fidelity prototyping, it should be good.

Jimmy Young

Thanks for the advice guys! I didn't have this problem before? Was it always like this?

Jimmy Young

Kev Craven This worked for me! Is this something that Framer will fix?

Jimmy Young

Oren Matthew haha no no, just something fun I'm doing. I also have other mockups but I want to test something simple in first

JT DiMartile

If you tap the 'scale' button on the artboard, you can figure out the proper multiplier.. (for me it's 300% because i work at 360x640 an scale up to 1080x1920). Always use the scale button for the artboard, it's by far the cleanest. All other methods have caused me more pain in one way or another.

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