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Sherwin Dai
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

Curious about how to change the canvas size? I am using Framer Studio now, but the default device viewer doesn't include my Nexus 6, which will be used to test my project. Any thought?


Balraj Chana

Hey Sherwin, if your device isn't listed in the viewer, you can create a custom device by selecting snippets -> custom device.

Sherwin Dai

Balraj Chana, I found the snippet and did as you told me. Since my device is 1440x2560, I tried to manipulate the code to customize the device. But the rendering is pretty awkward, please take a look at the screenshot, how can I twist the code to make it look right?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Sherwin Dai - you need to make sure that the size of the deviceImage matches that of the deviceImageWidth and deviceImageHeight properties - as well as the screenWidth and screenHeight within the device. In your screenshot, the size of the image doesn't match. :-)

Sherwin Dai

Benjamin Den Boer, thanks for the reply. Does it mean that I need to use a deviceimage that could match my desired screen size of 1440x2560? How can I import a new deviceimage to replace the custom setting?

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