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David Vismans
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

What is the easiest way to capture a screen recording of a framer animation?


Rhys Merritt

I use quicktime screen recording.. Not sure how others do it.

Daniel Lin

I asked a similar question (@ for capturing screen recordings on mobile: and Mike Feldstein suggested , which worked great for me!

for *quickly* recording on desktop, I use Gyazo GIF (, which auto uploads & converts ≤7-second recordings into .gif/.mp4

Berend Holtland

Camtasia 2 is also pretty nice, i used it because it enables you to hide the cursor.

Berend Holtland

It's free for 30 days (without watermarks ;))

Jacky Lee I use this often, it's great :)

Rob Trillo

as Rhys Merritt said both on and off device quicktime has it covered. For the best quality on device recordings you would possibly have to invest in additional hardware.

Siavash Shabanipour

QuickTime or ScreenFlow (or similar) plus Photoshop if you want the best quality GIF output

Prachi Nain

QuickTime screen recording, then Photoshop for conversion to gif.

Guillermo Romero Jr

Quicktime then compress it through Handbrake, or use OBS to capture the window, then compress that through Handbrake ;D

Phil Hammel

Quicktime screen recording. You can also use your phone as the screen and record actual use of the prototype on your device ;)

Mudit Mittal

Reflector App is pretty useful for quickly recording mobile/tablet experiences.

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