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Bimma Bimma
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

So we're building a demo we want to run on an iPhone 6 that has a short video clip embedded. However we bring the app up on the phone, the video is "blued out" with a play icon, but nothing happens. We've tried using the Share link, all browsers (including Frameless), and hosting the files on our server, recompressed the video multiple ways - nothing seems to work.

Everything works fine via desktop browsers. Just not working on the iPhone. Were we wrong in thinking that video would work when running Framer demos on device?


Antonio Krämer Fernandez

maybe you use a video codec that is not supported on iOS?

Bimma Bimma

Thanks, it's standard H.264. Videos work fine on the device when you play them directly via Dropbox, Vimeo, HTML embed. Just not via Framer. Welcome any other ideas ...

Jordan Robert Dobson

What kind of video is it. Is there audio? How long is it?

Bimma Bimma

H.264 compressed. We've output to .mp4, .m4v. Tried multiple bitrates, multiple compressors (Adobe / Apple). File sizes range from 750k to 4MB. No audio.

Bimma Bimma

Strange thing is that everything works fine when you run in Framer Studio, AND when you Share it to But when we bring up the link on an iPhone, OR when we host the Framer project to our server - the video is always "blued out" as in the graphic above. Driving me crazy. Any other ideas folks?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I was wondering if you could sprite the video... Probably not though.

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