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Ray Luong
Posted Jan 25 - Read on Facebook

Wandering FramerJS for the first time today. I'm trying to animate elements in a chart. At the moment I can animate using scaleY, but this doesn't quite get the effect I'd like. The animation scales from the center out. Animating with height actually draws each bar from the top down. Is there a way to animate this histogram bottom up so that the chart "grows"?


Sara Lin

Try animating both the height and y position? Ex: height=1, y=10 => height=2, y=9.

Cemre Güngör

every layer in framer has an anchor property. you can set the y anchor 1, which would be the bottom :)

Balraj Chana

Hey Ray, it looks like you have an array of elements that need to be animated from the bottom up. Here's one way of doing it:

Lee Jungyoung

There is 'originX' and 'originY' properties for each element. That's the anchor.

Jordan Robert Dobson

MyLayer.originY = 1 then scaleY

Ray Luong

beautiful! thank you all. that worked.

Josh Max Rubinstein

Try this link. I was working on a similar problem this morning

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