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Danny White
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to draw layers 'outside' of the canvas, as in outside (and on top of) a phone frame? I want to add annotations/comments to projects, for clients/teammates to understand which parts are interactive etc. See attached photo as a rough example. Cheers!


Nick Bewley

Make the superLayer = . Then position accordingly

Danny White

^ Nick Bewley absolute legend. Thanks. Worth noting for anyone else, make sure you add this line somewhere to stop layers being clipped by the phone frame: = false

Nick Bewley

Good point Danny. Haha I'll take it!

Jordan Robert Dobson


Stephen Crowley

Ah, forgot about the clipping! Not as sexy but a solution I did was bind a "show hint" layer to a key or long-press on screen that would highlight the areas instead of having them go outside of the canvas.

Antoine Plu

This could be useful for you:

Stephen Crowley

^ Andreas Wahlström :)

Andreas Wahlström

yep - made the Comment module after I saw this post. just forgot to post it here :) still, tishos hints module is probably a better approach for highlighting interactivity:

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