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Katie Wu
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know why this PageComponent cuts off the top part of the second page? The second page is taller in height than the first, but I'd want it just to snap to the top of the second (the part where it says "4" in a gray bar)!


Akhil Dakinedi

I think the issue is in the line where it's saying "fourScroll = ScrollComponent.wrap(fourContent)". since "fourTopBar" is not included inside this scrollComponent, it seems to be getting confused where to snap the view to.

try this: create a new layer group inside "four" which contains both "fourTopBar" and "fourContent". Then, in that line of code I called out above, replace "fourContent" with that new layer group.

when i tried this, it snapped to the right location but it caused some weird page height issues, which should be easy to fix with some tinkering...

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