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Sander Värv
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to create something similar to a kanban board and I'm a bit stuck. How can I get the first three columns to be populated with rows? I should probably give each column a unique name, but how do I do it inside the loop?

Here's what I got now

Any help is appreciated!


Sander Värv

any ideas?

Bo Jan

HI Sander Värv, is this what you are looking for? Keep rocking. Cheers B

Josh Davis

Putting them in a for loop should do the trick.

Sander Värv

Bo Jan Yes, visually this is what I'm after! Thanks! There seems to be an issue with the number of rows though. When you look at layer inspector, it shows more rows than is actually visible..

Bo Jan

Sander Värv hahah it was late yesterday. Here is the fixed version —

Sander Värv

Nice, thanks very much!

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