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Keith Lang
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

I'm working on a project that's reasonably large and have some of the functionality in a custom Module to keep the code manageable. However, my process to update the module is
1. Copy code out of .coffee text file
2. Paste into Framer Studio so I get the nice IDE
3. Once fixed, add exports. back to appropriate places
4. Copy and Paste back into Text Edit with myModule open
5. Save

I would love to simply edit the Module as another document in Framer Studio, but I can't open the .coffee into Framer Studio. Something I'm missing?
Many thanks!


Logan Merriam

Can't open other files in the framer IDE, but there are a ton of great text editors (Sublime is my favorite) you could be working with the module file in. Only gotcha is you have to click the refresh button manually for it to recognize your latest changes in studio.

Koen Bok

No I'm sorry, this isn't great at the moment, but we wanted to see how people used modules. We're working on something better for this.

Keith Lang

I can understand that. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something really obviously stupid :) Thanks!

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