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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Oct 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks! Here's a new example of a scrollable to-do list. In Framer, I've created a little class that extends Layers, and adds checkmarks, input elements and sets the scrolling behaviour for each Item. For example, it checks to differentiate clicking from scrolling. All items can be edited, new items can be added and current items can be removed. Hope this helps! :-)


Jeongmin Kim


Alvin Yeung


Jordan Robert Dobson

It's like you knew what I had to work on today Benjamin! Thanks man.

Jonathan Lazarini

Sorry for the silly question
I am reading the code of this example and I don't understand the beginning of this line

What is @_element?
And what does the _ do in the example?

Is it a reference to the Layer object created by the constructor?
Can't find anything on the Coffee Script book :(
Sorry for the silly question

Jordan Robert Dobson

I believe it's where he is storing the JavaScript reference to the DOM node.

I can't say if it comes for free or not though.

Btw - don't worry about silly questions. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jonathan - looks like its something added to the object by framer. Either lodash or underscore attribute.

Typically those with underscores are backing vars to properties with get and set methods.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Try something like this to see what's there inside the layer object.

Jonathan Lazarini

thank you Jordan
Really helpful :)
Had a look at underscore but couldn't find _element

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jonathan Lazarini - Here's where it all begins:

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