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Rory Smyth
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. Are there any plans to improve the editor in Framer? Things like line duplication, multi cursors, moving lines up or down, code collapsing, folders etc


Guillermo Romero Jr

^^ Either this or auto-updating the code if we're editing it externally through Text Wrangler or something

Koen Bok

Definitely. But honestly, it would be hard to both make an editor as good as Sublime _and_ the rest. But we'll get quite far. It's also interesting to keep an eye on Atom, if it becomes performant enough we could use that.

Rory Smyth

Yeah makes sense. I'd be happy with the auto-refresh tied to the editor

Koen Bok

We have some good updates in store for you guys.

Guillermo Romero Jr

Exciting ;D

Andy Cetnarskyj

I'd be happy just with collapse/expand of lines as you work vertically

Daniel Lin

Code collapsing would be really useful! Are there any plans for that?

Guillermo Romero Jr

can framer make my checjing acct balance go up?

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