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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

We're really excited to introduce an all-new launch experience for Framer Studio. We worked with Noah on a new welcome window, better default projects, links to the community and learn pages, a new email introduction course and recently opened prototypes. Here's an extensive write-up about what's new and the design process (including prototypes) behind it:

We hope you enjoy this release!


Kevin Chisaki


Stephen Crowley

Just another awesome example of Framer Team's hard work and strong community support. Well done! Nice work Noah, it looks great!

Jonas Treub

Inception prototyping, we like to do that yes!

Benjamin Den Boer

Jérémy - many prototypes were made, yes. ;-) (cc Noah)

Gabriel Jorby

Very neat release

Giovanni Caruso


Dan Clarke


Andrew Nalband

I thought that looked familiar! Noah was showing us a couple of ideas at the last Framer Sessions. Really nice, you guys.

Holly Habstritt Gaal

Awesome blog post. Especially nice to see the process and other explorations.

Koen Bok

Thanks Holly!

Guillermo Romero Jr

Please keep the checkbox to not show this ;D

Pietro Schirano

You guys are killing it!

Jarriel Henderson

I'm really loving this initiative, I think if you guys had a drag and drop aspect on top of coffescript, that would help a ton. It would be amazing to have three panes, a visual drag and drop that adds coffescript on release. This way you can learn while you visually add your UI

Sander Värv

Haven't been so excited about software updates for a while.. Great job guys!

Arron J Hunt

oh sheeeeit!

Jeff Lin

; )

Tristan L'Abbé


Jacob Berlow

Woo! Recently opened ftw!

Danni Priscilla Hu

this is awesome!!

Richard Burton

Great work 👊 Is this available through an update? I’ve tried updating, checking for updates, and going Window > Welcome.

Jonas Treub

Thnx Richard! It should show itself whenever you close the last open document

Kai Daniels

Oh man it's so sexy now

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